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Kenya Dairy Farmers Federation is a farmer’s organization fully owned by producer organizations (Dairy Cooperatives) whose shareholding is 51% and above dairy farmers. KDFF objective is to drive, expand and organize the dairy industry in Kenya to become efficient, competitive and sustainable.

KDFF feels the dairy farmers must not only control their destiny but also improve their share of value in the milk value chain. Currently it has 27 dairy associations/cooperatives and still recruiting others to join. This cooperatives have over 125,000 farmers with more than 400,000 cows.

The Federation was formally established and registered in February 2012 and it presently has its board members elected through an AGM, each member nominates three directors to participate in the elections. The elected board members come from different zones as below; - 4 North Rift Region, 3 South Rift Region and 2 Central Region making a total of 9 directors.

Since KDFF is on advocacy, Kenya Dairy Farmers Holdings Ltd (KDFH) was registered to do businesses, KDFH is a newly registered company owned by Kenya Dairy farmers Federation and dairy companies/ Cooperatives. The company shareholding structure is as below: - KDFF 51%, 49% to dairy cooperatives/companies.


 To promote and advocate for a progressive and sustainable dairy industry in Kenya and beyond

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Any dairy organisation (Public Limited companies Co-operative Societies, self help groups) in Kenya which Dairy Farmers own over 51% of the equity.

To join KDFF, applicants have to write a letter to KDFF requesting to become members . An application form will be issued to the applicant organisation followed by KDFF personnel visit for background information.


To be an innovative enabler of wealth creation, equity and fairness in

Kenya dairy industry.

Our Core values:

Our core values are;