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KDFF is a registered limited liability company which was initiated in the year 2011 by the East Africa Dairy Development Project (EADDP).  It brings together small holder dairy farmers from 21 dairy farmer business associations (DFBA’s) spread across the country. This DFBA’s have over 110,000 farmers supplying more than 300,000 litres of milk daily. This has been possible through the support of Heifer International Kenya through its EADDP and relevant government ministries.

This support has seen our dairy farmers being proud owners of key agro-based industries in rural areas which have transformed into hubs through provision of others services to the farmers. Over 10,000 youth and women have been employed either directly or indirectly.


To influence the Kenyan Government, parliament and the broader community through national and international representation and advocacy, to achieve a strong, progressive and sustainable dairy farming sector in Kenya.

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Any dairy organisation (Public Limited companies Co-operative Societies, self help groups) in Kenya which Dairy Farmers own over 51% of the equity.

To join KDFF, applicants have to write a letter to KDFF requesting to become members . An application form will be issued to the applicant organisation followed by KDFF personnel visit for background information.


To be a leading progressive and sustainable dairy industry in Kenya and beyond

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Our Core values:

Our core values are;

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